People In Delhi Are Breathing Poison

People in Delhi are breathing poison, its become daily affair that the smog hangs heavy, schools are closed normal life is affected almost every other person in Delhi has a pricking headache and its a depressing scenario.Its an emergency in Delhi India’s capital city is choking Delhi people are complaining that there eyes are burning and now they got a pollution holidays as they get summer and winter holidays.

New Delhi air quality index touches 733 almost 15 times the safe limits, this will be hard to imagine if you have not lived in Delhi, but now in Delhi this smog is an every day affair for the last days, Delhi’s air recorded PM 2.5 at catastrophic levels, the situation is now set to worsen.

The odd even scheme that was flirted by the Delhi government ends, the government holds the Indian apex court that scheme helped reducing pollution level by 5% to 15% this was contradiction to what India’s pollution board had to say the central pollution control board said that cars contribute only 3% to daily pollution the numbers clearly don’t add up here but what adds to Delhi pollution apart from vehicles construction work, industrial pollution, garbage burning, stagnant air and burning of firecrackers the biggest culprit is stubble burning.

Stubble burning

Stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana are on of the key culprits what’s happening today in Delhi, Supreme court of India has summoned top bureaucrats from the state of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Uttat Pradesh recent study shows that at least 2.2 million children in Delhi have already suffered from irreversible lung damage young lives have been exposed to the risk of cancer, epilepsy diabetes and even multiple diseases.

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