Microsoft beats Amazon for $10 billion Cloud computing JEDI contract of Pentagon.

Microsoft has won the Pentagon`s $10 billion cloud computing contract beating Amazon.
The Pentagon has decided to award $10 billion cloud computing contract to Microsoft instead of Amazon,
the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) will require the contracted company to help the Department of Defense replace its existing computer infrastructure with one unified cloud based solution and broader digital
modernization of the Pentagon meant to make it more technologically agile,a goal of JEDI is to give the military better access to data and the cloud from battlefields and other remote locations.

The contracting process had been in conflict of interest, Oracle and IBM were eliminated from contending and the Pentagon selected Microsoft.
President Trump even got involved who has publicly taken swipes at Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos.
Trump has been a critic of Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos over the company’s tax arrangements.
Trump said his administration was reviewing Amazon`s bid after complaints from other companies.
Amazon Web Services had been considered the favorite to win the contract due to its work on CIA,
Amazon is disappointed and feels it should have won the contract and a big win for Microsoft,the contract is expected to run for a period of 10 years.

What is Cloud Computing?
Data storage has become a priority in all fields many large and small scale businesses today spend a huge amount of money to maintain the data Cloud computing offers a
availability of high capacity networks and low cost computers and storage devices.
Cloud Computing can be defined as delivering computing power,the term is generally used to describe data centers available for many users over the Internet.
A service over a network, rather than physically having the computing resources at the customer location and sharing of resources,example we have Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.

Key reasons, Why many tech giants go for Cloud Computing?

1 Cloud computing will decreases the hardware and software demand. The only thing that user must be
able to run is the cloud computing systems interface software.
2 Cloud computing may increase users flexibility With increase in computer and Mobile users, migration of certain workloads from one cloud to different cloud platforms.
3 Cloud Computing is a cheaper solution, for computation and less maintenance cost this has succeeded to attract bigger tech businesses.

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