Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2019 report, where India hits bottom again out of 117 countries, 43 of them had serious levels of hunger,
17 countries including Kuwait,Turkey,Belarus, Ukraine and Cuba shared the top rank with GHI scores.
India has ranked 102 among the 117 countries, with a score of 30.3 and four countries Chad, Madagascar, Yemen and Zambia had serious levels of hunger and Central African Republic had extremely high levels of hunger.

India has shown very poor performance with the increase in the prevalence of wasting low weight for height among children under five years
and there has been an extensive increase in wasting.According to the report, India’s child wasting rate was extremely high at 20.8%, the highest for any country, they have low weight with respect to their height.The report also took note of open defecation in India as an impacting factor for health and inadequate food the population’s health and severely impacts children’s growth and their ability to absorb nutrients in 2000, India ranked 83rd out of 113 countries .

The Congress party has claimed that our situation has gone from moderate to serious in just 5 years.
India’s score in the index in 2014 was 17.8, while the it has gone up to 30.0 in 2019.

In India, to overcome the hunger,malnutrition levels both immediate and long term intervention plans required
Around 90% of wasting can be managed at the community level for immediate intervention nutritional formulation needs to be made available at community level.
Governments must increase their financial support to the most tribal people and regions,
The government can utilize the existing network of public distribution system to distribute nutrient rich cereals,access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

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