Amazing Benefits of GUAVA

Many people ask,What are the benefits of Guava fruit, Here are some important advantages and uses,
it is one of the best home remedy for fruit lover.

Guava is a sweetest, delicious and very nice smell of the fruit,it is grows in warm climate mainly in tropical,
Guava is a fruit that everyone loves to eat. It is very cheap,so it is called the apple of the
poor but it is very rich source of vitamins.
In Hindi it is called [Amrud]. Guava is a fruit that is full of merits or goodness.It includes vitamins,
sugar,minerals,carbohydrates & protein.If you eat Guava in the entire Guava season,
there is no need to see a doctor, an apple a day keeps doctor away but this fruit also works in similar ways.

Helpful in Weight loss
It helps you to feel full and low calorie snack and it contains fiber, vitamins and proteins which completes the food
It removes the bacteria and toxins present in the body or stomach.
By consuming Guava fruit the problem of gas strock & acidity can be controlled,
its very beneficial for Constipation digestion and makes easy bowel movements because rich in fiber and edible seeds,
A Guava contain same quantity of potassium which is contained by a banana.
Guava’s juice is also beneficial for the body but without adding sugar in it.

Helpful in Blood Circulation
Guava reduces cholesterol it contains micro nutrients folic acid and vitamin B-9 are good for healthy circulatory system.
consumption of such nutrients helps from risk of neurological disorders,Eating Guava causes good blood circulation.
That’s why it is suggested for a pregnant women for the better blood circulation,
cardiovascular disease and regulates nervous system development.
It also contains potassium in it which control the blood pressure in the body.

Helpful in Eyesight
Improves Eyesight Guava contains vitamin A which is good for eyes,if your eyesight is not good,
then start consuming Guava fruit for the better eye site.

Helpful in Fighting Cancer
Guava contains high amount of lycopene, Lycopene has an anti-tumor property,
Lycopene protects from oxygen free radicals as it actively fights to neutralize it.
So eating guava will help to fight prostate cancer, it is a rich source of antioxidants.
Guava stops the growth of cancer cells in the body which causes cancer.

Helpful in Diabetes
The person who has the problem of Diabetes can consume this fruit to get rid of problem.
Dry the leaf of the Guava fruit & make a fine powder of it and make tea and
enjoy a natural and herbal tea you don’t need to spend extra money for any other green tea.

Helpful in Toothache
Boil the leaf of Guava fruit and do gargle by it’s water to get rid of tooth pain.It’s leaf also used to control many problems or diseases.
Chew the leaf of Guava and keep it near the tooth pain area you can use this to clean your teeth also.
make a tooth brush, use small sticks of this tree to clean your teeth as a brush.

Clear Skin
Guava has anti aging properties contains vitamin A,vitamin C  and carotene and lycopene which makes skin glow.
By consuming Guava fruit you can get a clean skin and glow on your skin,
guava leaf extract will help in treating acne, make a fine paste of leaves apply directly to your skin.

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